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Every year on Halloween I take Parker out for some super quick shots in his costume. And every year I think is even better than the one before. 2015 is no different. He makes an AMAZING Dracula and he had so much fun getting into character for it. He’s got the scary looks DOWN, y’all. Huge thanks to my mom for making his amazing costume!!! Hope everyone had a wonderful and fun Halloween! More coming…

I took Parker (and Hank) out yesterday for a little hike and some quick pictures. He’s lost his top two teeth (ADORABLE) and I wanted to make sure we got a session in while he’s still toothless. While we got some super cute smiles and pictures of that, this is one of my favorites. And as it turns out, today is our 3 year anniversary with Hank! He may drive us crazy at times (*cough cough* thunderstorms) but he truly is the sweetest, most loving and gentle dog. He’s perfect for us and we love him to pieces! So glad he showed up in our lives!

This is totally overdue but tonight I *finally* looked through the pictures I took in Florida a month and a half ago!!! And I was THRILLED! This boy makes my world magical. I could not love him more if I tried! There were so many wonderful shots but I only had time to edit one tonight. I’m sure you’ll be seeing more.

PS-I’m seriously missing Sandestin now…

PPS-Obviously getting up before sunrise was worth it. Just don’t ask me to do it too often.

I had the privilege of photographing sweet Jacob’s entrance in to this world and now he’s a year old! Even though he and his family don’t live in Arkansas anymore I’m so thankful that we’re good friends and I’ve gotten to watch him grow, even from a distance. It’s just so hard to believe it’s been a year since he was born! Love you, little buddy!

Here’s a look back from in the belly to now.