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Although I’ve been doing my fair share of work this summer, I haven’t been taking the time to share much online. I’ve been too busy spending time outside with my son! However, I’m working on a project for the city of Siloam Springs right now and took full advantage of this GORGEOUS evening to grab some shots for the project. This summer has been a complete dream and tonight was no exception. There were hundreds of people out enjoying our sweet little town and I loved getting to capture that naturally with no staging. There’s no activity in this shot (except for the very background where you can glimpse tons of people playing sand volleyball) but I loved it none-the-less. After all, Siloam’s Got It!!!


dogwood trail

While I’m still taking a few sessions this summer, I’m spending the majority of my time watching fun stuff like THIS go down. And I am thrilled that I get to do that! My sweet boy and our amazing neighbor/friend Keaton are simply having the best summer together!!! It’s so reminiscent of my childhood summers and that makes me one very happy mama. Love these two so much!!!

Summer Fun

My Crossfit coach, Michael, and his wife, Kristy, are expecting their second child! Today was the day we all found out whether it’s a boy or girl! Today was also the day we all got to eat sweets at the box! Double win!!!

Michael has had his heart set on a girl. So when they cut into the cake and saw the pink, he was a little excited. Just a little. Who said white men can’t jump?!? All those box jumps helped him get some serious air today!

We are all so excited to get to meet this little miss in a few months. And we are already talking about the poor boy who will want to date her someday. Ha!

Congrats guys!!! We love you and are thrilled to celebrate with you!