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I had the privilege of photographing sweet Jacob’s entrance in to this world and now he’s a year old! Even though he and his family don’t live in Arkansas anymore I’m so thankful that we’re good friends and I’ve gotten to watch him grow, even from a distance. It’s just so hard to believe it’s been a year since he was born! Love you, little buddy!

Here’s a look back from in the belly to now.

William is *such* a proud big brother! He loves Lillian to the moon and back and it is so obvious when you watch him interact with her! And you can tell she loves him as well by the way her face lights up when she sees him. How sweet are they?!

I’m not sure how it happened so fast but this beauty is already ONE!!! You are such a precious, fun, sweet baby girl and I’m so glad that I’m a part of your life! Happy Birthday, little one! I love you!!!


One year ago today:

And now:

I just love this picture. This is my Crossfit coach, Michael, and his baby girl, Lillian. She’s totally got him wrapped around her little finger. He likes to pretend he’s all tough and has a heart of leather but truth be told he’s nothing but a big ol’ softie. He takes her out shopping, gets her nails done, got her ears pierced etc. He’s quite the doting father to both her and her brother William. (Sorry but the secret’s out, Michael!) Love it!!!