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I have some sweet, sweet friends. They had a sweet, sweet baby. And I got to capture it as it happened. *I love my job.*

This is Kevin holding his baby girl, Ashlin, for the first time ever. In fact, it was the first time he’d EVER held a baby. He said he had been waiting for the best. I think he got what he wanted, wouldn’t you say? They are clearly already in love with each other.

Here’s another image from around town. This is one image (of 2 I believe) that is going to be gracing a banner in a new Siloam store opening in just a few short weeks! I can’t wait to see it blown up huge! My favorite thing about this image is that it was completely un-staged. As I went around town I was able to capture tons of people out and about, enjoying our sweet town. I love that about Siloam!Siloam Springs11

This is from a big project I’ve been working on for the city Of Siloam Springs. This was my FAVORITE shoot with the city, hands down. Not only were the firemen so fun and welcoming, I got to climb the 100 foot ladder truck for some of the shots. Anything that allows me to put my dare devil self to work alongside my photography is a huge WIN in my book! And I’m loving the images we got. Seeing these men in action just translates well on camera.

Although I’ve been doing my fair share of work this summer, I haven’t been taking the time to share much online. I’ve been too busy spending time outside with my son! However, I’m working on a project for the city of Siloam Springs right now and took full advantage of this GORGEOUS evening to grab some shots for the project. This summer has been a complete dream and tonight was no exception. There were hundreds of people out enjoying our sweet little town and I loved getting to capture that naturally with no staging. There’s no activity in this shot (except for the very background where you can glimpse tons of people playing sand volleyball) but I loved it none-the-less. After all, Siloam’s Got It!!!


dogwood trail