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Oh my. Do I ever love this child! I took him out last night for a quick shoot. He had his first loose tooth and I wanted to get one more session in before he lost it. And it’s a good thing we went last night because he lost it just a few hours later! There’s so many images from this session that I love but I wanted to start with this one first. The sun was just so gorgeous and I absolutely loved the way he was bathed in its light. More to come, as always.

I had a blast photographing the crew that belongs with this little girl. They are SUCH a fun family and we got the privilege of getting to know them during Tball season this spring when Abri was on Parker’s team. She is quite a little spitfire and I couldn’t resist posting this shot of her first! She is also on my list of acceptable girls for Parker to marry one day in the very, very, very distant future. More to come of Abri and her family!

This past weekend was the 33rd Annual National Fallen Firefighters Memorial Weekend. Unfortunately, I missed posting then but it’s never too late to pay honor to those who have fallen in the line of duty. These brave men and woman put their lives on the line on a daily basis in order to serve others. Your commitment, sacrifice and courage aren’t forgotten.

I had a blast working with fire department in Siloam Springs this summer. Here’s another shot from then.